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If you are facing divorce in Greenville, Texas then you will want to employ the legal assistance of a skilled and experienced Greenville divorce lawyer from the Law Offices of Estrada & Estrada. Founding attorney Shannon Estrada has over 12 years of experience in divorce and family law matters. Her firm will be able to assist you throughout the process of filing for divorce and the various issues that arise such as property division, spousal support and various rights such as visitation. It is vitally important that you have skillful representation on your side in order to prevent an undesirable outcome of any of your cases.

There are some cases of collaborative divorce where the two parties involved work together to come to agreement regarding various issues that arise in a divorce case. This firm prefers the peaceful alternative of mediation because this allows for negotiation and for both parties to be reasonably satisfied with the outcome of these issues to be resolved. When there is no compromise to be made and these parties cannot come to an agreement then the case could go to courtroom litigation where a judge will hear both parties and make a decision regarding the matter at hand.

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Property division can be a particularly difficult issue to resolve, especially if you have a great amount of assets and personal wealth or if your spouse has a high debt load. When your marital property is divided, it is generally divided equally between the two spouses. Property refers to physical objects such as cars and books; it refers to bank accounts and even debt. This means that when property is divided, you could lose a large portion of your assets and incur a large portion of your spouse's debt in the case of divorce. It is important that you have skilled legal representation on your side in order to minimize the damage done to you through property division.

There are many other issues that can arise in divorce that will need resolution. If you are facing divorce then you will greatly benefit from the legal assistance of a representative from this firm. They will be able to answer your questions regarding your case, discuss your available options with you, counsel you as to the best legal action for you to take and provide you with zealous representation of your case in court if you choose to work with them. Do not hesitate to retain the skillful and experienced legal assistance and representation from this firm that you will need in order to maximize your chances of a favorable outcome of your case in court.

If you are facing divorce, contact a Greenville divorce attorney from this firm for legal assistance and representation of your case.

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