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Was Your Social Security Disability Claim Denied?

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If you suffer from a debilitating physical or mental condition or illness, and your social security disability application has been denied, contact the Law Offices of Estrada & Estrada.

Professional Help from Respected Attorneys

At the Law Offices of Estrada & Estrada, our Rockwall Social Security Disability lawyers understand that you need an experienced and knowledgeable legal team in your corner if you wish to go up against the federal organization that denied your claim. As denials are actually more common than approvals, it is often necessary to appeal to the denial to an administrative law judge.

Contact the Law Offices of Estrada & Estrada today to schedule a consultation. The attorneys will review and evaluate your case with you. Should you choose to appeal the disability determination, they will provide strong advocacy throughout the process.

Accolades and accomplishments that set us apart from other law firms include:

  • More than 30 years combined legal experience
  • 5-star client reviews
  • Personal approach to each case – no paralegals

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Taking Action Before It is Too Late

In many denied SSD benefit claims, there is only a brief window to challenge the decision with legal action. Sometimes, you have just 60 days. The sooner you allow us to start helping you, the better your chances of success will be.

When rebuilding or defending your claim, we can assist you by:

  • Clearly setting the date your disability afflicted you
  • Proving that your conditions meet an established impairment
  • Compiling evidence and testimonies that benefit your case
  • Determine how much compensation you may be entitled to under the law

A matter as complicated and delicate as your future financial wellbeing after suffering a disability should not be taken lightly. Let our Rockwall Social Security Disability attorneys support you in your time of need. We want you to know that you are in good hands and not viewed as just another case number, but a valued individual and client.

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