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In most states, probate has a reputation of being time-consuming and ridden with court-supervised actions. Fortunately, Texas is quite the opposite. Residents have the opportunity to employ something called the independent administration of estates which involves minimal court involvement.

Because the court isn’t as involved during the Texas probate process, personal legal representation can be highly beneficial. When you retain a Rockwall probate lawyer, you have an outlet for your concerns and an experienced advisor throughout the process.

What are the options for handling probate?

Probate doesn’t apply to all of your deceased loved one’s assets, so it is helpful to know what you won’t be dealing with should probate become necessary. The following assets are excluded from probate:

  • Community property with right of survivorship
  • Property held as joint tenancy with right of survivorship
  • Life insurance proceeds
  • Payable on-death bank accounts
  • Survivor’s benefits from an annuity

As mentioned above, independent administration is the simplest option for the estate executor. It is simpler, faster, and less costly than choosing dependent administration. Under independent administration, the executor does not normally have to post a bond and is not required to receive court permission before officially settling the estate.

Alternatively, in a dependent administration, which occurs when there is no will or no Independent Executor named in the will, the Administrator of the Estate is subjected to much more supervision by the court, and the majority of transactions require court approval.

For guidance and assistance throughout the probate process, the Law Offices of Estrada & Estrada is here for you. With three decades of combined experience, we are qualified to help you make knowledgeable decisions you feel comfortable with. The probate process can become infinitely simpler with our team on your side. Call our probate lawyers for dedicated counsel in Rockwall, Texas today!

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