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If you have been denied custody of your child in a divorce case then you may be entitled to visitation rights, also referred to as possession and access to the child.. These rights are extremely important as they could determine the depth of the relationship you have with your child. Do not hesitate to seek legal assistance in order to maximize your chances of obtaining favorable visitation arrangements. If you have been through the divorce process and you have been assigned your visitation rights but you are unsatisfied with them then there may be modifications available.

If you are seeking modification to your visitation rights then speak with Rockwall divorce attorney Shannon M. Estrada. Ms. Estrada will be able to answer your questions regarding your visitation rights, discuss your options with you, advise you of the best action for you to take and provide you with vigorous representation of your case in court. Your visitation rights are extremely important as they may be your only way to have a relationship with your child.

In addition to visitation rights there are many other issues that can arise in divorce and there are many other ways that this firm can help you. It is important that you have a skilled representative on your side in any divorce or family law matter. You may face great opposition in your case but the right representation will be able to defend you against this opposition and fight to see that your rights are upheld.

Contact Rockwall visitation lawyer Shannon M. Estrada, to discuss your case.

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