Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested Divorce in Rockwall

Understanding the Uncontested Divorce Process

Uncontested divorce, unlike its counterparts, does not call for lengthy negotiations and court intervention to resolve conflicts between each spouse of the divorcing party. Instead, uncontested divorces are completed through mutual agreement from each party, which not only significantly decreases the amount of time that must be invested in the process, but also the level of emotions and the amount of money that need to be spent on legal fees.

Typically, all divorces involve the same four components, whether they are uncontested or contested. Before a marriage can be legally terminated, both spouses must come to an agreement on the terms and conditions of the divorce. These terms and conditions involve:

1) the division of property,
2) the division of any remaining debt,
3) the conservatorship, possession and access of any children, and
4) the possible payment of spousal maintenance and / or child support.

How an Uncontested Divorce Can Benefit You

Perhaps the most beneficial factor to the spouses who opt for uncontested divorce in order to end their marriage is the substantial difference in cost. Although the cost of an uncontested divorce ultimately varies with each couple, there is no arguing the fact that this route is significantly more affordable than any of its counterparts. In fact, for many, this financial differentiation is the biggest appeal to couples who are seeking a way to legally end their marriage.

The advantages of an uncontested divorce, however, do not stop at the financially appeasing aspects of the process. In addition, spouses who terminate their marriages through uncontested divorce benefit from a significant difference in the time that it will take to complete the process. Given the fact that uncontested divorces do not require lengthy hours of mediation or months of hashing out contested matters, the process can be executed much more efficiently.

Many people also appreciate the reduction of emotional distress that has been connected to cases of uncontested divorce. Unburdened by the need to aggressively pursue litigation or engage in heated arguments in order to reach the ultimate terms of a divorce settlement, people can complete the uncontested divorce process with significantly more ease. Persons who can negotiate their disagreements during the course of an uncontested divorce often fare much more advantageously in terms of emotional wellbeing.

Is uncontested divorce right for you?

A common concern among spouses who are looking to divorce is whether or not they will be able to complete the process under such ideal conditions as those that are promoted by the process of uncontested divorce. Caught up in the moment, it can be difficult to see beyond the impending problems that are presented as a divorce is brought to the forefront of a relationship. Considering the many issues that must be resolved before a divorce is finalized can seem overwhelming, especially when taking into account the unlikelihood that all matters will be agreed upon mutually.

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