Contested Divorce

Rockwall Contested Divorces

When the decision is made to legally end a marriage, the road to finalizing the termination can be rocky. Cases of contested divorce are those in which each party of the divorcing couple is unable to come to a mutual agreement about how to carry out the dissemination of their divorce. The important decisions that need to be made regarding division of shared property, custody of children, and spousal support that might be needed are hot-button topics that can trigger a lot of emotion, especially between two people who can't see eye to eye on these issues.

Is my divorce contested?

Couples who differ in their ideas about how money and property should be divided or how custody of their children should be distributed will likely engage in heated debates about the issues. It is ideal to imagine a divorce in which no arguments are had and no disagreements arise. Unfortunately, the likelihood of this reality is experienced by very few divorcing couples.

To know whether or not your divorce is one that fits into the category of contest, you must look at the conditions under which the divorce is being filed. Are you and your spouse currently at odds with one another? Can you and your spouse agree on the key items that must be determined before the divorce is completed? Do you and your spouse feel mutually responsible for the dissolution of your marriage? Disagreement about any one of these circumstances could result in a divorce that is contested. At the Law Offices of Estrada & Estrada, a Rockwall divorce lawyer from the firm is prepared to tackle challenging cases such as those that present themselves in contested divorces.

Obtaining a Temporary Order in Rockwall, TX

Temporary orders allow for issues such as child support, spousal support, child custody, and the temporary possession of property to be addressed shortly after the filing of the suit for divorce. Between the time when the temporary orders are entered and the divorce is finalized the terms and conditions of the temporary order will be used to govern the expectations of behavior for each party of the divorcing couple.

Legal Representation During Your Final Hearing

Any couple that proceeds through the course of a contested divorce should enlist the support of an attorney who is equipped to represent them both before and during the final court hearing. It is at the final hearing that a judge will be presented with evidence from each party regarding the reason for divorce and the terms that will be enacted upon official termination of the marriage.

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