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Handling Complex Divorces in Rockwall, Texas

When business owners divorce, complex property division issues must be addressed, including business valuation, tax planning, and other financial considerations. In this situation, it is imperative that the parties retain skilled and experienced counsel to assist in protecting their interests in the division of the community estate. Similar considerations must be evaluated in situations where the divorcing parties have a high net worth.

High Net Worth Divorces

The very nature of divorce leads to unforeseen complexities that cannot be handled by anyone other than a qualified legal professional. High-net worth divorce is perhaps the greatest example of this, because it involves compound assets and large sums of money that can further complicate an already complex situation. When trust funds, bank accounts, stocks, personal investments, professional bonds, and inheritances are involved, the complexities of a divorce are further intensified.

A particular concern among spouses involved in high-net worth divorce is the issue of property division. Among couples with large amounts of money, the need to divide multiple pieces of real estate, and sometimes offshore accounts adds extra stress to an already trying situation. Dealing with expensive assets such as these can be extremely complicated, because a number of aspects must be taken into consideration along with them, including 401k plans, royalties, bonuses, and savings accounts.

High-net worth divorces usually involve a number of different assets, all of extreme financial value. The complication to this is the fact that business and tax consequences can result from the dissolution of a marriage involving high-net worth. This is one of the leading reasons to hire a divorce attorney who is adept at handling cases of complex divorce. Without professional legal guidance, critical errors can be made in the termination of a marriage of high-net worth, so it is extremely important to ensure that you have an attorney on your side whose skills are primed to protect all of your interests.

Completing a Complex Divorce

Despite the complicated matters involved in cases of complex divorce, there is more than one way to execute the dissolution of a marriage that involves high-net worth. Contrary to popular belief, a complex divorce does not have to be settled in court. For spouses who are willing, methods of mediation and collaboration can also be employed. In fact, opting for mediation or collaboration can be a more intriguing solution to some couples, because it allows for the couple's privacy to be maintained much more so than in courtroom litigation.

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