Modification to Child Support

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At the time of your divorce, specific terms and conditions will be established in order to accommodate any legal concerns that could arise after the dissolution of your marriage has been finalized. Included among these terms are the conditions under which spousal support and child support will be made, as well as how custody and visitation rights will be enacted. Making these determinations is not taken lightly. In fact, the courts thoroughly review the financial, emotional, and social aspects of a family's life before solidifying the way in which the terms of the divorce will be ordered. What fails to be established at this time, however, is the fact that a person's circumstances could change, thus altering their ability to adhere to the terms of their original divorce agreement. It is at this time that a Rockwall divorce lawyer must step in to alleviate the situation.

Altering the Terms of Your Child Support

Any number of circumstances could result in the need for alteration to a divorce agreement. In fact, it is unrealistic to expect that the terms and conditions which were fitting at the onset of a divorce will remain relevant months or years after a couple has been living apart. This has proven to be particularly true when children are involved. Among the biggest decisions that must be made before a divorce can be finalized are the custody and support arrangements which are made on behalf of any children from the marriage. Taken into careful consideration is each parent's ability to financially support their child, as well as the time that they have to commit to their child / children, and their emotional wellbeing to do so.

Depending on the circumstances of each parent's financial and custodial obligations, support payments will be established. There are several circumstances, however, that could arise in which making these payments is no longer feasible. For example, the payer of child support may lose his / her job, thus disabling them from making the financial contribution that they were previously expected to contribute. Other extenuating factors that could affect a parent's ability to pay child support include a job demotion and the child's cost of living expenses. If you are currently making a child support payment that has become unaffordable, an attorney can be contacted for support. Together, you and your attorney can review the circumstances of your case and work out a plan for altering the terms of your child support.

The Law Offices of Estrada & Estrada: Your Legal Representation

If you've found yourself in a financially precarious situation that no longer allows you to comfortably pay the terms of your child support agreement, you have options. At the Law Offices of Estrada & Estrada, an experienced divorce attorney can help you officially document the change in your circumstances in order to seek accommodation. From a change in employment, to a change in your medical health, to a change in your household income, circumstances arise which can inhibit a parent's ability to live up to the financial obligations that are expected of them. When this is the case, professional legal support can help remedy the situation.

As long as you and your attorney can prove that the change which has affected your ability to pay support is one that occurred after the original child support order was established, there is room for amendment. Filing a request for modification to your child support agreement should be done at the same court at which your first agreement was established. In addition to the legal documents that are submitted to the court, papers will also need to be served on the other parent, so don't wait to contact a Rockwall child support attorney for professional help in your efforts to take legal action.

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