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At The Law Offices of Estrada & Estrada, we having being helping the criminally accused for numerous years. Our husband-wife legal team knows how to handle everything from juvenile crimes to serious sex crime charges. Not only do we defend clients from such severe charges, but we also assist those who have previous criminal records and would like to clear them up. That is where the process of expungement comes in.

The state of Texas allows for certain minor misdemeanors or charges to be cleared or expunged from your record. When you talk with our Rockwall criminal lawyers, we can help you determine if this is an option for your situation. We can carefully review your charges, how your case was resolved, and any other factors that may affect your eligibility. Contact us today if you would like to learn more!

Am I eligible to have my record expunged?

Many people hear about expungement and think that it is just not an option for them. Others may wonder why it is so important to have their record cleared if their crime occurred so long ago. However, expungement provides and individual many benefits, including being able to legally deny ever being charged or arrested for a crime.

At the end of the day, a criminal record can hurt you in ways you never realized, such as on a job application, apartment hunt, or even a college application.

You may be eligible to have your record expunged if:

  • You were arrested but never charged with the crime
  • You completed deferred adjudication for your misdemeanor (only Class C)
  • You were found not guilty (acquitted) by a judge or jury
  • Your case got dismissed

There may be several other situations where expungement is an option; however, every case is unique, so it is important that you discuss this situation with a seasoned and qualified defense lawyer.

The Rockwall criminal defense attorneys at our firm are more than prepared to guide you through the expungement process! Reach out to us for legal counsel on your criminal record today.

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