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Welcome to the Law Offices of Estrada & Estrada. My name is Alton Estrada, and I am the Rockwall criminal defense lawyer at the firm. My firm practices in North Texas and is prepared to help clients with all of their legal issues. If you, a family member, or a friend is facing charges of a criminal allegation, I am prepared to assist you through each step of the legal process.

With more than a decade of experience, I have tried more than 120 jury trials. Drawing from this strong background, you can trust in the legal counsel I provide for all of the following types of cases:

Assault and Battery
In Texas, assault charges range from just a small threat to the use of a violent and dangerous weapon. You can be charged with assault even if no physical contact has been made, however. Assault and battery crimes include simple assault and aggravated assault, as well as domestic assault (or domestic violence), and aggravated domestic assault.

Driving While Intoxicated
In the state of Texas, driving while intoxicated (DWI) refers to drunk driving. This is charged when a driver's blood alcohol concentration is at 0.08% or higher. If convicted of DWI, you can face substantial penalties based on the factors of age, type of license, and other circumstances. Individuals who are charged with a second or third DWI offense can face even heavier penalties.

Drug Crimes
One of the most common types of drug crimes in the state of Texas is possession of marijuana or cocaine. Another serious drug crime is drug sale. Drug crimes are classified as misdemeanor and felony offenses. If aggravated factors are involved in your case, such as drug sale near a school, your penalties may drastically increase. With the serious penalties that Texas imposes on drug crime offenders, you will need aggressive legal attention from my firm.

Juvenile Crimes
Minors are usually treated differently by the criminal justice system, but the experience can still be traumatizing. Hire a juvenile defense attorney who knows how to successfully handle these sensitive cases. In aggravated cases, a juvenile may even be tried as an adult. Make sure your child has experienced and aggressive defense.

Probation Violations
Failing to comply with the terms of your probation could land you back in jail. Have you been wrongfully accused of violating probation? You need the representation of a seasoned criminal attorney to protect your freedom.

Sex Crimes
Sex crime penalties are very serious, especially when the sex crimes are against minor children. If you are accused of a sex crime, you may face years in prison, as well as mandatory registration as a sex offender. Some of the sex crimes under the Texas Penal Code include sexual assault, public lewdness, indecent exposure, and improper photography.

Theft Crimes
Theft crimes can be found under Texas Statutes Chapter 31. In Texas, theft is often referred to as larceny, which takes place when property or services are taken with the intent to deprive the owner of its value. It is also considered theft to take property that you know has been stolen.

White Collar Crimes
Economic crimes such as fraud, embezzlement, forgery, and identity theft – also known as "white collar" crimes – are federal offenses that can result in a prison sentence upon conviction. Act quickly to retain aggressive and proven criminal defense if you are facing charges of a white collar crime.

Strong Legal Guidance in Northern Texas

As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, I have strong knowledge of the process involved in and strategy required for every case. When I take on a case, I can select the most appropriate case strategy to obtain a strong resolution. I can zealously represent you regardless of the charges you face. My goal is to negate the prosecution's case against you so that the jury sees that the case was not proven beyond a reasonable doubt. With a passionate drive to help clients, my firm can help you build a defense for the best possible result.

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